Contemplation of the Ancient Gods

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Agni -
The Purifying Fire of the Gods

I am Agni, the purifying fire of the gods
None may ascend to the heavens without my help
For I burn out the impurities which bar their way

I am the guardian of the sacred
I sit at the door of the holy and judge those who wish to pass
I am the divine fire of ecstasy in the raptures of the devotee
And the burning deadly flames of hell in the heart of the sinner

In sacrifice, I guide the fragrant smoke to the seat of the gods
Leaving it as a trail, that the devotee may follow it
Back to the source
I burn the sin from the flesh, or the plant upon the altar
That the devotee may identify with it
And in this way himself be cleansed

I am all light which purifies, which burns away sin
The sun at noon reflected on the waters, which the sage views in awe
The bonfire at night or by day, of the sacrifice of the body
Moonlight which inspires prayer
Candlelight which inspires meditation
The violent light of the burning ground that consumes the corpse

I guard the heavens, and decorate them with bright rays of color
I create flashes of lightning amidst rainbows
The entrance of truth amid beauty
As the rivers of change send the flowing life-tides past me
I enlighten them all, and leave within them
The burning desire for truth

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