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The Path to Awareness - Just Go

Bow not your head, but raise it proudly
Following the banners of honor and ambition
To the ultimate goal.

Not in servile scraping, nor even in humility
Lies the path for the nobly-born to follow
Only gird one's loins, center one's energy
Center all consciousness in the space of an atom
And go.

Burst through the images of richness and tradition
Or be caught in the net of beauty forever
Leave books, leave walls, leave the loved ones around you
Or they shall be dragged as millstones
Through endless miles of space.

Wait not on time, for all you will ever perceive is change
Wait not on place, for all places are one
Wait not on permission, for there is none to grant it
Just go.

Travel through the warm and watery channels of the body
And continue its warmth past the blazing cold fires of space
Change, and watch the worlds change around you
Be silent, and watch the eternal.

Never are you ready
Never are you worthy
Never is the time here for you to go
Ignore time,
And watch the glistening waters of the universe bow at your feet.

Jump into the ocean of being with all your soul
Is the water to hot? To cold? To medium?
You are already swimming, why ask of the water
The correct stroke?

Open your heart to the swift currents
Have the waterfall of knowledge splash upon your head
Wash clean your body with joy and spontaneity
Cleanse out temptation, hesitation, and tension
And go.

Grow like a tree, or a flower, or an age
Feeling the overwhelming pulsation of life beating within
Breathing, heartbeat, rhythms of waking and sleep
You are a symphony of love
Hear it.

Beloved, do not be timid
It is graceful to play and hide behind leaves
But it is nobler, wiser, and more courageous
To walk out unafraid, proud, and free
And dance the dance of compassion.

Light the holy fires in the caves of the world
Make brilliant the darkness
Make flowing the heart
Let the snaking chants of war and hunger be stilled
To the glorious songs of wonder.

Beloved, do not linger in the play of illusions
In the dances of light and darkness
Mysteries are there to be solved
Sound is there to be stilled
The eternal is here to be experienced

Open the heart by chanting and movement
Open, by the powers of Time and of Space
Become, as forces of change swirl around you
Be, in the midst of all manifest grace.

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