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The Comet - With Tears and Sorrow Steaming

A bird atop a branch, in front of a bright sun
Is no more beautiful than you,
O beloved, in your garden dances
The spire of a white church, mysterious against a dark sky
Is no more holy.

I call upon you, creatures of the world,
To witness the depths of holy worship
It lives within temples, fanning the flames of eternal life
Like the winding trail of a mad comet it travels
With tears and sorrow streaming, and subtle joy

I call upon you, witnesses of the Great One's Love
Mountains crying out in gladness,
Sea waves crashing in ecstasy
Let the ancient knowledge ring forth,
Of the unity of man and his beloved
The earth and sun, the leaves and wind, the lovers.

Leap atop high peaks and crags,
Screaming the glorious song which has no name
Dance in holy joy, that your body may follow the patterns
Of countless sons, while your deep, deep eyes
Behold the giving which holds all form.

Let the sound of the living waters sparkle on rocks and trees
Let a dewdrop expand to encompass the universe
Let the joy of loving enter your empty heart
Making it radiant, and full

Will the chains of earthly drama never end?
But bind forever the hearts and minds of men?
Is there no escape from duty, worry, fear,
And sad responsibility

Grow wild and free, and leave your reasons behind
You change, you change, is that not proof enough?
Take earth by storm, in tidal love, and windy laughter
Take heaven by surprise, in joyous freedom.

Stand alone against the strong wind, the skies and great ocean
Be still as a mountain, while round you rages
The tempests of vast change,
The sheets of hail from a cloudy heaven
For only then may the sunlight be seen.

Open, open, light up your head
You are glorious and holy, can you not see it?
Within you are the endless plains of space
The infinite currents of consciousness
Aware, alive, and ever new.

Make clear your muddy waters, full of sands of pain
Let it settle, until at the top
Is nectar, cool and delicious
The unity of God, and the ecstasy of man.

You are traveling, moving, ever evolving
You need only touch the world to change it
Let your body thrill
To the thousand songs of sweet and crying joy
May you scream and cry, laugh and embrace
And finally, finally understand.

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