Contemplation of the Ancient Gods

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Brahma -
The Creative Power of the Infinite

I am Brahma, the creative power of the Infinite
I am the maker of worlds, and the molder and shaper of realities
I take light and cause it to blossom forth into form
I take lightning and vivify it with divine power

Within me is strength and infinite energy
For I have access to the great storehouses and the Source
I blaze color through the skies, and cause great creative storms throughout the universe
That a new world order may come to pass

My qualities are not human, and do not relate to individuals
I am neither compassionate nor angry, friendly nor hateful
I do not enter into the realm of relationship of consciousness
I am creative, and the life or death of a form or a million forms
Is not of great importance to me

For all are illusions, as is all emotion
They have no eternal being, neither do they have awareness of Truth
They are bits of colored paper, to arrange or to scatter
They are ashes, which form patterns as the winds blow them

I am the bud from which the lotus emerges, the source of all
To the seeker I say:
Learn first of your own nothingness
It is only when the shell of the ego is cast aside
That the true vastness of the Self may be known
Otherwise the seeker may wander hither and thither on the paths to God, lost and unaware
Trying to drag the ego like a boulder
Into the fragile colors of the sunrise.

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