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Saint John of the Cross -
The Light of God

The essence of the spiritual path is the Light of God,
blazing and shining across the heavens
Its flame begins within the heart of man,
after much suffering and pain
When the joys of spirit move man from within
And his heart is cleansed by love of the divine

Then does this flame begin to grow,
shining out across the world
Pure love, divine ecstasy, which blazes the spirit into life
Causing the soul to be a pure channel for God's holy radiance
Turning the self into a shining cobweb, sparkling with dew

O blazing light, whose rainbows lighten up the darkness with God
O holy light, who in mercy doth descend to the heart of man
Come down! Come down! The struggles and cries of mankind plead for you
That you may bring the brilliance, which destroys all pain

Come into the darkness which is my center
Cause it to blaze with beauty
Shine through my heart-caves with never-ending glory
That the way may be lit for the coming of the King

O beloved sun! Source of all that I hold dear!
I am empty - fill me! I am hungry - feed me!
I am alone - fill me with the love that has no end!

I beg you, I plead with you, my tears are without number
Show me not your shimmering veils, but your blazing heart!
I cry in the darkness for your love, the Light Divine
I glory in bliss at your holy entrance

May my tears fall without ceasing, if they be but roads for your light
May I scream and tremble, if it brings you one inch closer to me!
O light of God, love of Love
Shine from my heart into the darkness of infinite night
And let my soul be filled with the beauty of your love

I dance for you in caverns of the heart
The ancient gypsy dances of romance and desire
My soul cries in wonder for your love

The trees ring with your praises as I worship in the moonlight
I feel the winds of love pass over my heart
I grow as the sunlight fills the sky with brilliance
I am filled with beauty, hearkening to the presence of God

O light divine, fill the world with your glory
Shine through the darkness; destroy pain and strife
Fill mankind with the knowledge of your wondrous story
That he may have passion for God in his heart

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