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Saint John of the Apostle -
On the Meaning of Jesus

Through the heavens there came a rushing wind,
mingled with the songs of angels
In the midst of this wind was the sound Iao,
created by the Father
This rushing wind traveled through the heavenly spheres,
causing heaven and earth to burst into song
And soon the sound of harps was replaced by the moaning of women,
tearing their hair
And the songs of joy with the wailing of grief
For the joy of the lord was descending into the land of the sons of men
That the newborn King may take on the sins of the world
That the newborn man may ascend to the throne of God.

The rushing of the air swirled about a pure channel
Breathed the air of heaven into her heart,
and light into her womb
And the soul of Jesus, pure word of the Father
Sang out songs of love into the night sky
And her heart was filled with radiance
And awe before the might of the Lord
Thus was the word made flesh, and began the holy story
Of Jesus Christ upon earth.

He was beloved of all men, for he knew the secrets of heaven and earth
He had spent time in many lands, learning the truths which had been carried down by tradition
And creating the perfect means of communicating his message
Not to the few, who by fire and water gain to knowledge
But to the many, by his great love for them.

We walked through the desolate desert with him
And he told us of his journeys, to heaven and to faraway lands
Which we were forbidden to repeat.
'On earth I am the Son of Man,' he said to us all
'Only in heaven am I son of God.'
'Do not confuse people with stories of the realms of light'
'Speak of love, to those in need of love,
of miracles to those in need of faith
Of peace to the troubled,
of life everlasting to those who tremble with the fear of death.'

I loved him more than my own heart, more than my right arm
He was closer to me than my own soul, and the essence of my spirit
We would hold each other and cry for sheer joy
For I remembered the time when we had been together in the realms of light
He gave me this memory, by the grace of his love
During his time on earth.

He is love itself, the divine part of man
He took on pain to show his compassion
He took on flesh to show his transcendence
He rules in glory at the right hand of the Father
You may feel his presence in the feeling of love, when the heart begins to blaze.

May His Name be blessed forever and ever.

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