Contemplation of the Ancient Gods

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The Celtic God of the Sea

I am Manannan, Lord of the rushing waters
My horses create the deep currents of the waters
My darkness brings the world into mystery
My light is the radiance of the king.

I am the royal form of the god Lirr,
who is my origin and my true nature
As Manannan, I run the royal court and create beauty
As MacLirr, I bring all things back to the source
As Lirr, I am the radiant light of origin,
the beginning of heaven, earth, and sea.

My palace is white marble,
My throne of emerald and mother of pearl
My robes are deep green and gold.
My crown is of emeralds
With my queen Fand, I rule the seas,
and the Fair Folk, our people

Our artists create beauty,
Our musicians create music that dances with the waters
Our architects have made an undersea paradise.

Once we had links with human beings,
and our worlds were united
But people began to doubt.
And then to turn against us.
So we and the other Fair Folk separated from the human world
And now we are seen only at a great distance
When our traditionalists wish to dance on the earth
And play on the waves.

But as their king, I have responsibility for their safety
And the human world has proved untrustworthy
Seeking to steal our treasures and our women
Seeking power over us and to grasp things
Which must remain beyond their reach.

So I have severed the bonds between the worlds
And only the worthy can pass over
They may call upon me and open their hearts to me
And if they are worthy,
I will send a messenger to guide them here.

Our people live in deep green light
The light of growing things
In forests and at seashores
In deep waters, with pearls and buried treasure
Dark to the outside world but radiant within.

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