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Mela Ganapati -
The Lord of Celebration

I am lord of transformation, of fortunate new beginnings, and successful action
I have many forms in which I act
I can be one of the tantric Ganapatis to accomplish specific ends
I can be a yogic and magical Ganapati,
to transform the self and give access to supernatural worlds
But today I am the Ganapati of celebration, Mela Ganapati, who dances in the lila of life.

I come as inspiration for the weak, the discouraged, and the lonely
I rescue souls immersed in pain, tragedy, and suffering
I say, "Leave behind your memories of misery, there is a new world out there waiting for you"
Your life has been constricted, dull, full of hidden pain
But not any more!
Not now that I am here!
There is no reason to choose sorrow over happiness
Choose joy instead!

People live in poverty, in hunger, in war
They torture themselves and each other,
in a thousand unnecessary ways
These are the chains of sorrow, which bind people with karmic knots.

And yet, for a day, for an hour, for a moment
I am here
I say drop the pain and misery
And get a glimpse of what your life should be like
There is beauty in the world
There is love between people, even if hidden
There is dance and music and song
There are new places to see, and new poems to read
There is all of life to explore
Put aside you sorrow and really see
You can always mourn tomorrow

I do different things for gods and people
For the gods, I lead the procession of murtis (statues)
The parade of incarnations and visitations
I encourage the gods to dwell in sacred places,
to look out through the eyes of statues
To play with children as spiritual friends
To appear in dreams as guides and saviors

For people, I lead them from sorrow
I encourage new trips and new relationships
I grease the wheels of accomplishment and exploration
I wake people from inertia into activity

I am Ganapati of celebration, jolly uncle, droll friend, plump grandfather
I scatter flowers and candy, and dress little girls in princess crowns
I am the sweetness of love, the joy of success, the happiness of reunion
Call upon me in the depths of despair and I will come with bells on.

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