Contemplation of the Ancient Gods

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Shiva -
The Lord of the Dance of the Universe

I am Shiva, the voice of destruction,
and the voice of the mountain
I appear in earthquakes, as matter crashes and separates,
and I come forth out the abyss.

I am bright and dark
Male and female
The spirit which cracks through matter
As I rise through destruction, I am the burning sky.

I can save whom I choose,
and they are brought back to their roots in Truth
I create layer upon layer, form upon form,
And my three eyes mark the points of the sacred triangle
The yantra through which the devotee may travel.

The flames of destruction are the fires of creation,
and I make and remake worlds
My devotees travel the roads of blue lightning through the storm clouds,
praying to Shiva
Lord of the Dance of the Universe.

The myths make me old, lame, drunk, lustful, and uncaring
I am not old but ancient beyond days
Not lame but holding back from action, for my power can destroy
Not drunk but full of the soma of universal vision.
Not lustful but passionate in the grasping of changing forms,
and the creation of new ones
Uncaring that all things must change eternally.

In fire, my dark side is the smoke,
and my bright side is the flame
My brilliance is the blue at the wick
My devotees must beware, for they come to identify with my power,
and they believe they have my spirit
Instead they have insight into my actions
And the tiny grain of my power that they grasp swells their egos
into identification with me
This is dangerous, and in future lives they will fall
Devotees seek the bliss of merging into the fullness of my power
But none on earth have gained identification
The world is a place of Maya with many false claimants
Who use me as a flag to conquer land and people.

Meditate on the bursting open of sky and earth,
and on fiery rain and blue-white lightning
Beyond these are Kailash
Whose icy caves are the crystal yantras of light which create worlds
Enter the yantras of light,
and their centers will melt away into great tunnels of light
In my form as brilliance, I am infinite Truth
And all things return to me.

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