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Tangaroa -
The Polynesian Lord of Life

I am Tangaroa, the lord of life, the warm fertility of the ocean winds
I am lord of air and water, clouds and waves
I bless my worshippers with calm waves, and calling birds
I hold off the hurricanes of enemies.

I am worshipped by healers, who need power to lessen pain
By dancers, who become mediums expressing my rhythms
By drummers and musicians who follow my beat
By warriors and shamans who protect their people with my power.

I am the spirit of peace in the deep waters
I am the fragrance in the tranquil breezes
I am the quiet rustling of the jungle leaves
I am the sweetness of ripe fruit.

I bless my people with the song of blessing:

May your night be full of moonlight.
May your days be full of singing.
May you walk in harmony with the breezes.
May the waves carry you like a child.
May the stars shine down on you with joy.
May the sun veil himself in mist.
May life carry you like a leaf upon the river.
May your people look upon you with love.

Listen to the call of the great conch as it sounds across the waters
It calls people to their lives:
    of work, of service, of planting and reaping,
    of fishing, and weaving, and building and cooking

The conch is my call
And nature gracefully follows.

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