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White Moon Arising - The Song of Lanaith

In the midst of the tall spires of Lanaith
Lies an area so fragrant and delicate
That all beings bow down and pray before it
Set between the vast lands stretching from the swirling red mists
And the region of the bubbling yellow springs
It is the root of the heart.

Only the holy may visit it
Those whose robes are of one color only
Those whose paths follow one line only
Those whose minds share one idea only
The love of all.

This is its song:

Deep within lies the moon so clear
Touching all, touching none
It destroys all pain and fear
Of great and small, of everyone.

Enter into Paradise
Leave your body at the door
Rainbows will shower on your eyes
You will travel forevermore.

You will be made of light so fine
Dressed in veils of warmth and snow
You will drink the air like wine
Touch the flowers where love does grow.

The skies are full of singing choirs
Nectar flows for all to sip
Within your mind are glowing fires
Your body is a sailing ship.

When bliss is raining everywhere
Falling from the sky in sheets
You will travel further on
For joy itself is incomplete.

You will enter the deep blue place
Where the sky and the ocean are as one
The white moon sinks without a trace
The void's parting has just begun.

You will see great symbols flying
Through the empty space and the dark, dark skies
Shining forms against midnight blue
Creating worlds in a vast sunrise.

They radiate from beyond the void
From the starry home, from the great, great source
Void is a river between the lands
Where infinity is its only course.

Follow the path of the great white moon
As it rises deep within the soul
Follow it until it disappears
If you wish to be wise and whole.

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