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Hymn to Kali
Goddess of Life and Death

(strongly rhythmic - monotone chant
accompanied by a sudden sound
such as slashing or drumbeat)

Mother! Of all creation     Kali
Listen, and hear my call     Maha Kali

We call , upon your mercy     Kali
For the, great sins of all     Maha Kali

I name, your secret words     Kali
I intone, your name divine     Maha Kali

You are, the deepest cavern     Kali
From whence, the great light shines     Maha Kali

You are, the forest carpet     Kali
Dark yet, the source of life     Maha Kali

You are, heaven's wrath     Kali
With great torch, and sacred knife     Maha Kali

You are, the depths of matter     Kali
Home of, the spiritual fire     Maha Kali

I am, encased in matter     Kali
I pray, to travel higher     Maha Kali

Save us, from the veiled snares     Kali
Give us, the truth you know     Maha Kali

Dance for us, with flute and drum     Kali
Make the land throb, with your feet     Maha Kali

Come down, o gentle mother     Kali
That we, may be complete     Maha Kali

Chase away, all fearful demons     Kali
With your fierce, and wrathful forms     Maha Kali

Give us love, and sweet protection     Kali
Shelter us, within your storms     Maha Kali

Raise your fists, and give us power     Kali
Show your heart, that we may rise     Maha Kali

Stand tall, upon a mountain     Kali
Spread your banners, through the skies     Maha Kali

We lay, our heads before you     Kali
Prostrate, o terrible one     Maha Kali

Shatter, destroy our bodies     Kali
Bring us, o bring us home
Maha Kali
Mother Kali
Maha Kali

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