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Hymn to Shiva**
Deity of the Cremation Ground

Chorus:   We give you to the raging fires, of Shiva     Om Shiva

I cry to you
I cry to you
I cry to you     Om Shiva

I give my love
I give my hate
I give my life to Shiva     Om Shiva

As incense blows over the fields of the dead
I consecrate my lives of old
I raise my cup and drink the blood
    Of you my lover Shiva     Om Shiva

I bear the aching pangs of death
The scalding pangs of hunger
My joy lies in the suffering I bear for Shiva     Om Shiva

Come Shiva ravage my soul
Destroy my desires, my needs, my life
I cry unto you from the depths of blackest night     Om Shiva

Hear my wails as they issue from the grave
From the caverns of despair
From the blackest pits
From the corpse whose blood will nourish the universe
    which is created and destroyed
    in the vast gaping emptiness of Shiva     Om Shiva

Across the windy planes of death
Of wraiths and specters screaming for the dead
Of men whose souls have gone to their deaths
Screaming for the joy of knowing the wrath of Shiva     Om Shiva

More than the joy
Of tasting food or water
I cry for the void of Shiva     Om Shiva

I cry not for the love
Of man nor demon
I crave the love of Shiva     Om Shiva

I give the fruits
Of all my acts
To those who worship Shiva     Om Shiva

I cry for you
I cry from you
You call from me     Om Shiva

** Note: This chant comes from an ascetic branch of Shavite Hinduism, as part of an esoteric ritual of corpse worship and identification with the god Shiva as Lord of Pain and Death.

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