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The Angel Kerubiel -
The Flames Which Dance Around the Throne of God

I am Kerubiel of the Kerubim
I stand within the gates of light, crowned in rays
I hold aloft a sword,
so that its shining beams go in all directions
My robe is of white light, without seams or buttons
My wings shield others from the light,
the barriers that keep them from being burned.

We of the Kerubim dance in rings,
leaving trails of sparkling star dust in our paths
We radiate out in singing and movement,
spreading joy among the children
We call forth peace and light among them,
for any pride that remains
Is lit with the torch of humility,
and crumbles before the torch, ever-burning.

We are the flames which dance around
The golden rings of the throne of God
We hold within ourselves the secrets of the divine
And may see into each world, of matter or spirit.

To the spiritual seeker, we say:
The life you live now is not different
from the life you live in the hereafter
Sins do not dissolve at death, but remain
Burn out all impurities,
or the light of God
Will appears as fierce fire most terrible and violent to behold
Love of earth hides love of heaven,
and love of heaven destroys love of earth
Take in the glory sword within you
That the mind may discern the clear light from the smoky
That from its tip may radiate out the Holy Point
God's first manifestation, before the created world
The Eye of God, the Light of Light,
The Ancient One, blessed be He.

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