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The Angel Radweriel -
The Scribe of God

I am Radweriel, also known as "the scribe"
I am the surface upon which events in the worlds of form take place
I am the ground of history in which they occur,
the screen upon which is written
The vast panorama of change.

I am no angel, but a reflecting surface
I am the microcosm of history as it occurs
Through the vast worlds of the universe
When an event is to be judged,
I am called upon
To replay the event as it happened,
reflected within the evolution of my own body
As the original event occurs
Within the evolution of the body of God.

I take the place of book and pen, compass and ruler
I hold the vast chronicle of life within me
I need only concentrate upon an event
To have it occur upon my surface
As it originally happened, or is happening, or will happen.

I do this in service of God, the Lord almighty
I am but his tool, his creation, the dust under his feet
I stand with angels and worship at his throne
He is praised for all time,
and we sing forth to honor
His holy and glorious name.

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