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The Angel Ophanniel -
The Rainbows That Surround the Throne of God

I am Ophanniel, leader and prince among the Ophannis
We support the mighty throne of God,
and its ornaments of wondrous beauty
We shield the blazing of the Seraphim,
And mute their passionate fire with our shining blue and golden mists
We interact between the groups of angels,
So that none may come into conflict
We order the light of God
As it flows sweetly among the angelic hosts.

We direct the shining waters of heaven
in their streams and waterfalls
Creating rainbows and dew,
And shining mirrors of wisdom
The pools of holy water, in which is reflected
The face of the Holy One, blessed be He
We praise the Lord in his manifest form
As a mighty fountain surrounding the Eternal Sun
We sing praises of joy and wonder towards the unmanifest form,
Beyond the light and the darkness
The infinite sky above the throne
Hidden by the blazing wings of Seraphic joy.

We serve and obey the divine will in all matters, great and small
We scatters jewels along the path to God,
that his light may illumine them
We then project them into many worlds,
As holy treasures for the sages to find
We aid the righteous on their path to the throne of God.

No man can perceive us unless he is deep within divine prayer
For we are but parts of God,
The fringes of his garments
When the Almighty has smiled upon the sage or prophet,
Only then may he continue
He may follow the paths of love and wisdom,
to the place of the Divine
And we will lead him to the blazing fire
Which surrounds the throne of God.

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