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The Angel Chayyliel -
The River Delta of Light Proceeding From the Throne of God

I am Chayyiel, the rainbows of living water and air
Which surround the throne of God
I am the source of their light
The channel of divine energy
I am the delta of the river of the light of the east,
The essence of the rising sun of love and beauty
I create the veils of delight and charm
Which hide the light of God from profane eyes.

We of the Chayyoth are of rainbow light,
And we manifest through prisms
The light is refracted, split, found within itself
We are light within flowing,
The divine waters splashing and playing
The currents of the spectrums tunneling within themselves
Crystals flowing with living light.

We overwhelm the seeker with beauty,
And manifest the law
We create the pathways upon which travel
The wheels of the chariot
We upsurge and spurt, creating roads of light
Through the darkness
That an infinite network may be formed
So that the Lord, blessed be He, may travel on petals of roses
And roads of gold and ivory.

To the seeker we say:
Be not distracted by beauty
For the way to the Lord is in wisdom and justice,
And ever-outflowing love
He is mighty and great, of endless wonders
Do not act against Him, but ever follow his will
Love only God, forsake the world and its sensual loveliness
For we can create an infinite number of infinite beauties
Yet should the Lord our God raise but one finger
We are powerless before Him, abased in dust and ashes.

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